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E d i t o r i a l

A few examples of editorial work done under my own creative direction.  

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Oh so Rococo!

This shoot's inspiration was the Rococo art style from the 1700s. Drawing from elements like the color scheme, concept, and location from famous works like The Swing. The goal was to combine those components with more modern fashion trends. I created the team, and did the model casting, location scouting, and styling of the shoot. Also directing the makeup artists, photographer, and models on the day.


Life's Marionette

Inspiration for this shoot came from a trapped 1960s housewife. Who is stuck in a picture-perfect world playing the role of a doll. Expect to look and play the part of the perfect wife and mother. Completely out of control of her own life, expected to follow the commands of her puppet master. The idea came from looking at the Moschino Spring Summer 2021 collection video. Where the collection was shown through a puppet show verse your traditional runway due to COVID-19.

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Taste Like Moschino


The goal of this project was to create a garment out of a sustainable material and find a way to market it that matched the brand's idenity. My partner and I decided to use co-cola cans as our material and Moschino as the brand. We knew this would be a good fit because they have worked together before. My partner was in charge of making the garment, which was the corset seen in the pictures. I was incharge of the creation and execution of the shoot. Which included doing the production design, model casting, styling, and photography.


The Zodiacs 

Was a twelve-model portrait series using elements related to each of the signs to represent them for the astrology section of the magazine, The Neighborhood, which I created with four other fashion majors. I was in charge of this shoot which included model casting, styling, and the building of the team. The biggest challenges of this project were the scheduling of all the moving parts. Making sure the models of the same elements, makeup artist, and photographer could make it for the available studio times. Fun fact all the models in the shoot were modeling the zodiac sign they actually are!

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